Lothar (lothar_) wrote in nyra_lj,

Contribute to the NYRA Facebook donation contest

If we manage to get first place, Facebook will give NYRA $1000. It's for one of the best causes out there, and you can cough up at least $10. If you pull out your pockets to reveal lint and gum wrappers, go door-to-door and tell your neighbors that you're collecting money "for the children" (hey, it's technically not a lie).

Also if you're like me and would rather not join Facebook to donate, just make up a profile and delete your account after you've donated. We suspect the dog-and-cat charity in first place is doing the same thing, except that a few people are donating from multiple accounts.


Don't let MADD wrap lighted tires around your body just because you came within 20 feet of a Pabst - give now!
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